Every dentist that I have met always wants to increase their income and manage their staff more effectively. There is a little secret that is guaranteed to improve the effects of both problems in the all types of practices. Before I let you in on the secret, I would like everyone to think about their favorite football team.

Now, I would like you to picture your dental practice as a football team. You, the Dentist is the quarterback. He calls the plays. The employees are the rest of the team and your consultant is your “dental practice coach.”

I operate my consulting company in much of the same way a football or baseball team operates.

You see, there are generally ten reasons that many people, teams, and even dental practices don’t reach their potential or achieve their goals. Let me go over these reasons with you.

Top TEN Reasons Practices DON’T Reach Their Potential

  1. Improper planning - All teams need a written plan of attack. A game plan.

  2. Improper tracking of the important numbers - How will a team know how it is doing if there are no team records, stats to review, or other games to watch?

  3. Believing that your perception of your practice, is in FACT the reality of your practice. This is like looking at yourself in the mirror, and just seeing a person. Do something different to make everyone notice you.

  4. Trying to do it all yourself. - What is a team if there is only one player?

  5. Believing that to grow you should give up on quality care - Since when did practice growth or mean that the quality of care must be less. If everyone contributes 110% the quality of care is 110% BETTER!!

  6. Thinking that getting clinical excellence is the only way that your practice will grow. Through the years, I have seen dentists spend thousands of dollars on the latest supplies, computers and gadgets, some of them work, and others do not. THE ONLY thing that makes your practice awesome, is YOU!!!

  7. Having a faulty compensation or bonus plan - Bonus systems are great!! Does your bonus system reward the staff as a whole, or is it rewarding each individual for what that individual is contributing to the practice?

  8. Lack of follow-up with treatment plans and overdue recall - How many of you know how many patients you have that are overdue for prophy and exams?

  9. Poor treatment acceptance (or unaware of treatment acceptance percentages) How many of us know what the percentage of case acceptances we have in our practices?

  10. Lack of office policies and staff expectations - Does each individual team member in your practice know what they are responsible for each day? Is this policy written down for them to refer to?

Office policies in the all types of business is equal to the little notebook you see all the football players reading. IT’S THE “PLAY BOOK.” ACCOUNTABILITY: this is the basis of YOUR Practices Success. As the Dentist in your practice you are ultimately responsible and ACCOUNTABLE for your staff’s actions and patient care. That is a heavy weight to put on your shoulders. Are you willing and able to take the blame for the actions of your employees? Are you ready to assume all accountability for the decisions that your employees are making? Did you realize that every action, every word, from your employees reflects on you?!?

Have you ever wondered why, after a few months it seems like the passion, motivation and drive of your employees or fellow team members has gone so far downhill?

In many businesses, there are 5 stages to Employee Work Ethics and accountability.

Entry Level - The learning level. This is the time when the employee is new, wanting to impress you and everyone around them. And goes the extra mile to prove themselves to you. They seem happy, motivated and willing to learn.

Skilled and well-motivated performers: As employees mature and gain skills and work experience, motivation and competence increases. This is the time when they know they are awesome and work hard.

Mastery: Over time, the motivation to excel in the career stops, they feel that they work hard enough now, Employees are comfortable, and they don’t want to change anything.

Burnt Out: Negative attitudes result in some employees who are no longer motivated or willing to do anything to improve their circumstances in the practice. These employee’s loose enthusiasm and ultimately drag down other employees with their negative impact. They drag down production, and increase the stress level and contention in the office.

Dead Wood: The Unmotivated, negative people begin to leave the practice, or are forced out.

Did you know that an employee to end up at stage 5, would cost your practice more than $35,000 a year in lost productivity and salary alone? Wouldn’t it be much easier and less costly to keep the employees motivated? Wouldn’t it be nice to keep some excitement and reward your team? I mean really, WHO WOULD WANT TO LEAVE A WINNING TEAM?

My goal is to teach you how to achieve excellence by practicing personal accountability in your practice.

How does your team perform when asking these questions?

  • Why do we have to go through all this change?

  • When is someone going to train me?

  • Why can’t he communicate better?

  • When is that person going to do their job right?

  • Who’s going to solve this problem?

  • When will I have better tools and equipment?

  • Why do I always take the blame for everyone else’s problems?

  • Who is responsible for doing that anyway?

These questions rob you of Possibility!

These questions are a clear indication of a lack of personal accountability. They are the opposite of personal accountability is putting the blame on someone else.

Many times, I see the staff blame their dentist(s) for not training them in the clinical and business areas of the practice. They blame the Dentist for not giving them raises, better benefits or better equipment. Dentists blame the staff for not being more efficient, better communicators and more accountable. Who’s to blame???? NO ONE.

Eliminate Blame, Complaining and Procrastination:

The bottom line is you cannot control what others will choose to do. You can only choose to control what you do. So, if we can’t control what others will do, let’s work on me…

We must learn how to tell our stories from a position of power rather than of no hope and possibility. Start asking yourself:

“How can I best help my team?”

“What can I do that will enable my team members to Maximize THEIR Possibility?

“What are all the ways I can make a difference in the world today?”

A world of Opportunities opens before you when you decide to do something about it. It’s up to you! By being accountable, you get things done! All organizations suffer from these critical problems to varying extents. Personal accountability is the solution. Training and tracking system can help your team to make personal accountability a core value within your practice.

Setting specific job descriptions with MEASURABLE GOALS is a simple way that allows you to evaluate individual performances.

We have found that by watching the “GOAL LINE”

(Golden Opportunities Accountability Level)

The team works harder and is more effective at achieving the


We devote our services to providing you the tools to help your Team meet its GOALS by using what we call the “GOAL LINE” (Golden Opportunities Accountability Level). THE ONLY WAY TO IMPROVE A TEAM and promote change is through PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. This means, each team member is accountable for their position in the team, being accountable for their decisions, and being accountable for their own life.

The GOAL is also a great motivational tool because your staff can see monthly how well they are doing and what areas need improvement.

This is what I like to call PERSONAL TRAINING. This is how we lead everyone in your practice to the GOAL LINE. By training each staff member how to be accountable for their tasks and being accountable for their decisions and effort. Training your patients to be accountable for their health and their financial obligations. Teaching your team how to be held accountable for internal and external communication and effectively communicating and educating patients.

Because staff accountability and communication is such a significant part of every dental practice. We feel that by cross training your team, you will maximize the effectiveness of your practice GOAL.

When the GOAL is reached, everyone is rewarded.

I strive to show everyone the golden opportunities in their career, and how being accountable for his or her actions, will lead them to their success.

Reaching Goals