Every dentist needs a compliance program tailored to the needs of their practice.


Compliance is a commitment to always following procedures and protocols outlined by organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state dental boards, and OSHA. But it can be difficult for offices to stay aware of every regulation and guideline and ensure personnel are always properly trained.

According to a study by Hu-Friedy, they found that 66% of practices were not compliant in monitoring their sterilization units. 36% people transport contaminated instruments just on a loose tray. 29% people hand-scrub their instruments for sterilization. 99% of practices believe that their infection prevention programs are effective. Some of these numbers just don’t add up.

We work with dental practices to provide customized compliance manuals, forms and use of our proprietary compliance systems. Upon request, we audit/inspect our clients’


  • (Medicaid) compliance programs
  • Radiation Safety
  • OSHA & Infection Control compliance
  • Anesthesia Safety
  • Medical Emergency Preparedness.
  • Compliance training programs for our clients and their employees.


We also

  • Conduct due diligence audits for pending acquisitions
  • Build compliance programs for new practice start-ups
  • Identify gaps in compliance efforts (corporately and at the dental office level)
  • Participate with quarterly compliance meetings
  • Train team members assigned to key compliance roles
  • Assist with developing policies/procedures and other compliance systems.