Angela Golden


At the age of 17 I was provided the opportunity to enter the dental industry and have since worked for and with several outstanding providers in the field that have guided my actions and implementations throughout the years.

Angela’s Bio

Having gone from an assistant position, to management of a multi-specialty practice,  to hygienist to consultant and working in several specialties from Oral Surgery, Pediatrics, Endodontics, Ortho, and of course general practice has given me a well rounded perspective that few others possess in the industry.  The experience I have gained from several mentors ranging from Linda Miles, Lois Banta, Dr. Quinn Dufrenna,  to mention a few,  has allowed me to gain knowledge on the inner workings of the varying practices and what makes them unique as well as opportunities to incorporate new ideas to grow individual practices to multi practice partnerships and DSO’s.

Living in a small rural town with limited resources I became frustrated with my advancement opportunities so I decided to become a Dental Hygienist.  I was told it would take years to be accepted and how can a mother with a young child be able to pick and move even if I was accepted, everybody was scoffing at the idea.  I applied and was accepted into the next class.  I was and still am very passionate about patient care and to learn possibilities within the Dental Field and continue to learn today.

Early in my career our office took a trip to the Cayman Islands where I was fortunate to meet Linda Miles and Howard Farran.  Linda and I hit it off and talked throughout the entire week of seminars. I wanted to learn more but information was not readily available at the touch of a button in the late 90’s as it is now.

Linda Miles encouraged me to join the Speaking and Consulting Network (SCN).  I was and still am enamored by her,  I joined SCN in 2005, which changed my life and perspective from that moment on.

Upon graduating and passing the Dental hygiene boards and landing my first position as a hygienist working in group practice, the Dentist became acutely aware that my knowledge didn’t begin or end with hygiene.  I have always wanted to grow the practices to not only help the practice but to help more patients and change lives for the better, (it is my passion).

I began working after hours to grow their practices as well as being a hygienist.  As production and collections began to grow along with my knowledge base, Dr. Brian sat down and had a conversation with me.  He said “I can see that you are burning the candles at both ends and would like to have a conversation with you on choices you have”.  He said I was a great hygienist with the highest production in the office and booked out for 18 months “BUT” as the owner of the practice he felt my largest asset was as a consultant, as I could touch everybody in the office.  Dr. Brian said “you can stay on as a Hygienist, we would love to have you or you can be my consultant which pays much better.”  He asked that I oversee the opening of a new practice he was starting in a small rural town near my house.  Dr. Brian was like a father figure and changed my life and thinking once again to not settle but continue to move forward.

Since that conversation I have been given the opportunity to work with some amazing Dentists from all backgrounds.  We have grown existing practices that were struggling for one reason or another to some who just wanted to expand and grow.  Golden Opportunites has opened many practices from the ground up to helping in transitions on both purchasing and selling.  We have helped start and grow new partners to smooth out bumpy roads for long time partners.  Startups and current DSO’s are the trending marketplace in dentistry. We also have experience in this, as one of our consulting clients with multiple practices wanted to grow and start a DSO.  I partnered with this dentist, hired the top DSO consultants, joined the Dental Entrepreneur Organization, grew from 3 pedo practices, to 3 Pediatric offices, 2 orthodontics offices and an in office general anesthesia surgical unit.

I have learned from the best of the best over the last 3 decades.  I am extremely passionate about the links between oral health and systemic health. I enjoy teaching other health care professionals and community the importance of oral health and how oral health contributes to such a wide variety of systemic disease.

I am Certified in OSAP-DALE Dental Infection Prevention and Control and an avtice member of the Dental Compliance Institute.

I am a partnering consultant with Dental Intel,  affiliate member of the American Association of Dental Consultants and an active member of the Speaking and Consulting Network , American Academy of Dental Office Managers, American Dental Hygiene Association and served on the 2006 Editorial Advisory Board for The Coding Institute’s Strategies for Success in Dental Practice Management.

I look forward to helping your organization and you to achieve your dreams in your Dental Career.

I have learned from the best of the best over the last 3 decades.

– Angela Golden